You probably wound up here by searching for how does SEO work or something similar. Regardless of whether you used Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, we’re happy to have you here with us.

If you run your own business, you’ve no doubt heard about search engine optimization (SEO). You’ve probably also heard that you need to implement an SEO strategy to promote your business. Well, that’s true, and we’re pretty sure you didn’t end up here by chance… 

Whichever search engine you used, it didn’t pick our website by chance and send you here hoping that this blog post would answer your question. In reality, a complex algorithm determined what web pages stand out in the digital landscape. Through this algorithm, it sought to connect you with your answer. Once you understand how search engines work, you can improve your ranking.

Every search engine wants to consistently deliver high quality, relevant results for every query they receive. In doing so, they hope to gain your trust and become the only search engine you’ll ever use. 

You’re here because you found yourself thinking, “How does SEO work?” We’re here to help answer this question. And if your business needs help with SEO marketing, we’re here to help with that as well. 

So…How Does SEO Work? 

To begin, SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a digital marketing strategy focused on how your website ranks when people search for something in a search engine like Google. When you understand how SEO works, you can start to increase how you rank in search results. 

Let’s start with the two main SEO strategies: 

  • On-page SEO: This includes all the SEO tactics utilized on your website. 
  • Off-page SEO: This category refers to the tactics that take place away from your website. 

Together these tactics ensure your website is user friendly and more trustworthy to potential visitors. Search engines use “crawlers” to move through every page on your site and determine how friendly it is. When your site is easy to navigate and your content is more trustworthy, crawlers determine that your website is friendly. This increases your odds for ranking well when people search for something relevant to your products or services. 

A Case Study on How SEO Works 

To give an example, let’s take a look at two make-believe websites. 

Website 1 is not responsive. This means that when people use mobile devices, they have a hard time navigating the website. The page URLs are optimized, but they don’t use title tags.

Website 2, on the other hand, is responsive. The same people have a much better user experience regardless of the device they use. They’ve done keyword research and established internal linking.

For a search engine, it’s pretty simple to decide which website is more user friendly: Website 2. In reality, SEO is more complicated than being user friendly. There are hundreds of ranking factors that go into the results people see. This means you have quite a bit to consider in terms of SEO.

Should You Care About How SEO Works? 

The Internet and modern technology have put the world in our hands. At any moment, you’re just a few clicks away from whatever information you might need. People turn to the Internet whenever they need information, products, or services. 

When you found yourself thinking, how does SEO work, what did you do? You went online and searched for it. You may have scrolled around for a while and looked at some of the results, but more than likely, you clicked on one of the first few results.

If that didn’t meet your expectations, you went back and moved to the next one. Oftentimes, that’s how people look for just about anything. 

When your website isn’t optimized, you probably aren’t going to show up on the first page when people search for your products or services. This means potential customers are far less likely to find you. 

Without SEO, you’re practically giving leads away. 

Once You Know How SEO Works, Make It Work for You

Implementing an SEO marketing strategy isn’t as big of an obstacle as it might seem. It may be somewhat challenging for those who aren’t technically inclined, but an SEO expert can help. At Chaos Theory, we understand how to help our customers stand out among the noise of the digital landscape.

With our years of experience in SEO and digital marketing, we ensure our clients are more attractive to search engines. From content marketing and link building to social media and page ranking, our team is here for you.

Whether you’re new to SEO or want to elevate your business’s optimization, we are ready to help you reach new heights. Contact us today, and let’s discuss an SEO Strategy customized for your business.