SEO in a Pandemic: Optimization During COVID-19 

Businesses are struggling, but utilizing SEO in a pandemic can help them find new avenues for revenue. COVID-19 is a public health emergency that has forced many individuals and businesses into hard times. Many people compare it to the economic turmoil of the 2008 recession. With limited government aid to individuals and small businesses alike, various industries are taking a major hit. 

If your business is struggling, you are not alone. Day over day, the number of coronavirus cases climb in the United States. However, does this mean we should lose hope for our businesses? 

At Chaos Theory, we value innovation while understanding how hard it can be to adapt. Still, we believe that you do not need to worry. 

Adapting to a crisis requires fluidity and resolve. In Houston, restaurants like Local Foods and Nancy’s Hustle took this opportunity to turn their seating areas into bodegas. In addition to takeout, they now offer groceries. It’s an incredible way to pivot a business. 

Not everyone can adapt in this way, though, and you need to pivot your strategy to focus on SEO. This can allow your business to succeed through the pandemic and come out the other side. Whether you run an e-commerce site or an employment law firm, search engine optimization can help to drive new traffic to your site. 

Why Should I Invest in SEO Now? 

High-quality digital marketing must account for search volume. When you want to develop a better marketing strategy in the coronavirus pandemic, you have to do more that create blog posts. In addition to quality content marketing, you must assess social media, ads campaigns, and other marketing efforts. 

Here are just 4 reasons to pivot to SEO in a pandemic. 

  • SEO sets you up for future success. 
  • People may still need your products or services. 
  • Search engine optimization is fairly simple to measure. 
  • Even outside of a pandemic, people search for products and services online. 

Future Success with Search Engine Optimization 

Eventually, things will get back to normal – whether it’s a new normal or a return to what once was. Still, we just aren’t sure when. While it may take time to recover from the loss, search engine marketing will always make life easier for businesses. 

If you pivot to SEO in a pandemic like this, you’ll see an increased ROI once the world normalizes. With an effective SEO campaign behind your business, you can reap the results for years to come. 

This means that your business will have an easier time in recovery after this economic downturn. That’s why we recommend a change in strategy to focus on optimization and search engine marketing. SEO is a long-term strategy that helps you climb to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

People Still Search and Buy 

While the world may seem different, people still want to buy products and services. SEO in a pandemic situation helps you find potential customers and engage them in a meaningful way. People search for what they want online, and organic and paid traffic through PPC campaigns can help you reach them. 

As we mentioned, SEO is a long-term strategy, not a quick fix. However, as you develop your online presence, PPC ads like Google Ads can help you draw in new buyers, clients, and customers. 

Measure Success Succinctly 

When you utilize SEO in a pandemic, you’ll realize how objective results are. Is your website appearing higher in search results? If not, you can pivot your SEO strategy and utilize different keywords or long-tail key phrases. 

Keyword diversity can help you target niche audiences with real intent. Over time, this will also help you rank higher for broader terms as well. SEO is reactive in how it functions. This means that an SEO agency like ours reacts to data and adapts strategies accordingly to continually push clients higher in SERPs. 

Access to real-time data for searches allows us to utilize keywords and key phrases with stronger buyer intent. In turn, this appeals to your potential audience’s current mood. 

People Search Online 

While non-essential stores across the globe had to close their doors, people went online. Some of these stores adapted by setting up e-commerce sites while others offered curbside pickup. Either way, people continue to search online for products and services more than ever before. 

This means that SEO in a pandemic is key to their success. If you want to succeed throughout this crisis, you have to appear in search results. Otherwise, there’s no way new people will find your business. At Chaos Theory, our SEO experts can help you develop a link-building strategy around your products to drive more traffic your way. 

Your Business Can Still Thrive with SEO in a Pandemic 

When you use SEO in a pandemic, your business still has a chance to succeed. A pivot to SEO is one of the smartest moves you can make to protect your business from increased loss. Moreover, it can help you bounce back in the future. 

Now is the time to invest in your future. Whether you develop a skillset yourself or work with SEO professionals like us, you can stay ahead of the game. Contact our team whenever you have questions about SEO strategy or want to work with us.